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Jan 17, 2009
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I'll be setting up shop to make some ignitors (sooner or later!) using FireFox's conductive primer..... mostly for use in the occaisonal composite motor. My question is:
How does one secure them in BP motors? I'm afraid that using the "estes plug" would be bad because the homemade ignitor will be thicker than the usual estes ignitor. I imagine I'll end up with one in a BP motor before long....

My favorite for BP motors is a wad of masking tape, sticky side out. Works great for Estes and Ignitorman. If it looks like the leads are pulling, tape the leads to the plaunch rod/pad.
I make dipped ignitors for most of my BP motors (I usually fly quest motors and I don't like the tigertail igniters.) If I have the plastic plugs handy they have always worked just fine for me. If I don't, I just use a wad of recovery wadding or a small patch of masking tape. Both of these methods date back to the 60's / 70's when an ignitor was nothing more than a piece of nichrome with no pyrogen coating. The work now just as well as anything else.
I've adopted the idea of keeping the roll of plumbers teflon tape in my range kit, since one of its many uses is to take a small piece, roll it into a cylindrical plug, and use that to hold in the igniters. Works the same as a piece of recovery wadding, but doesn't use up your supply of recovery wadding.

Of course, this from someone who also has abandoned recovery wadding in favor of Nomex and dog barf (medium tech loses out to high tech + low tech). :D