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Apr 21, 2011
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I just read a thread in the test forum and thought I would start it here.
What kind of digital camera do you use and what would you recommend for an onboard camera?
I am new to the digital camera world.
I have a Kodak CX6330 . it is a 3.1 Mp camera with 3x optical zoom. I paid $200 for it and got a free 64 meg memory card.
I don't have a camera for onboard use "yet":D
For photo work I use a Sony Mavica CD camera. It writes directly to a 3"CDR/RW. It is a bit pricey however I find the flexibility well worth the cost. That and I get 300 pictures on one disk.

I have not tried arial photos yet, however I'll probably skip the still camera phade and go directly to video via telemetry. Then I can frame grab any picture I want. For what a half decent digital camera cost, I've seen a number of radio TV cameras.

If you're looking into the video camera, talk to Ray Dunakin. He flew a video rocket last weekend that survived a pretty bad flight. He was even able to watch the video feed as the rocket impacted the ground at high speed and, from what I heard, rebounded back into the air. Camera kept running the whole time, along with all the video feed gear!

Don't fly with a camera, but my digital camera is an older Sony DSC-D770, which while "only" 1.5 megapixels, has 5x zoom, fully manual controls and takes awesome pictures. Also uses a PCMCIA card so you can use the provided Memory Stick, Compact Flash, or any other similar era card with an adapter. I use primarily CF cards.

Had quite a following a couple or three years ago, but these days ... every so often I get the itch for a newer camera, but just like this one too much.

Closest thing to it these days (I believe) is the Olympus E-10 type camera.

They were expensive but I got mine towards the end for a more reasonable cost.
I'm currently deciding on a new digital camera. I was thinking about the Sony Cyber-shot DSC series. Possibly the P92 or P10.
Sony Cams
I'm still using my Astro-Cam!! I'm on about my 8th roll of film and so far I've gotten 2 good, and I use that term loosely, pics!

John (not Jon) Arthur
FujiFilm A303. 3.2 mp - 3x optical 6x digital (digital is useless). Small pocket size camera that uses an XD card, which is about the size of a postage stamp. All the pics I post here are done with it and are resized considerably and still are very clean. I give it a thumbsup.
As of today I use a Canon PowerShot A70. Really good, takes 35mm quality pics.
I use an Olympus C750 Ultra Zoom (10X optical zoom, 4MP)

good camera but I would never put it in a rocket :D