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Jan 17, 2004
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I was curious what kind of digital cameras you guys use for your action shots. I've got a Nikon Coolpix 775, it's a great camera for still shots. But by the time it wakes up and focuses and finally snaps a picture, it is totally useless for anything that is moving, even someone walking across the room. I was thinking of selling this one and buying something that I could take pictures of rockets leaving the pad or take to the drag races, generally be able to take pictures of stuff moving and not just posed. So my question is, what is a good digital camera for taking action shots without breaking the bank ($300 or under?). Or better yet, what feature am I looking at that will allow me to snap a pic without the delay of my camera?

Thank you, Butch
I think the trick with any digital camera or even a "point & shoot" (film) camera is to hold down the shutter button halfway. This forces most if not all cameras to focus. Then as soon as you hear/see ignition, press fully.
I call it the "press lightly & squeeze when you have the heck scared out of you" method. You will get all but the fastest launches successfully. :D

This technique has worked for me with everything from an *old* HP digital camera to a year old Sony model to the new Canon S400 Digital Elph. Like anything else though, it requires some practice!
what lalligood said.

That is the way to do it. All digital cams that i've ever seen have this feature of focusing with the shutter halfway down.

The other option (and I beleive that your camera has it) is to set it for *fixed* focus. Set it for an appropriate distance for launch then stand at that distance from the pad when taking your pix. This way there will be no focus delay (which is what you are experienceing)

i use a panasonic video camera but the great thing is it comes with a thing called movie messenger where you can pause the video and take still shots along with uploading video to your computer so you know youll never miss it

only down sides are its a $400 camera, and that unless if you have a firewire port (which im an idiot for not gettin on my asus) then it takes almost a minute a second to upload video throught the usb

I agree with what those guys said!! ;)

I really has to do with getting a feel as to how long your camera takes to shoot.

I have a Canon S200 Elph. It has the '1/2 way down' focus feature.

For takeoff shots, I get about 20-30 feet away, and place the rocket in the bottom of the shot. Then I press the button 1/2 way to focus.... and click as soon as I see smoke or movent. THis allows me to crop the image as needed. I have over a 75% success rate with photos. Below is an example I took with the elph