Differences In Two Types Of Rails By Offered McMaster-Carr

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I'm not really sure what the difference is between the two, they look about the same. The only thing I can think of is that the cheaper stuff is the "light" rail, which isn't quite as rigid as the standard, but I can't see it having any issues for rockets. I can tell you though, that they will ding you big on shipping for either the 8 ft or 10 foot. Anything over 6 feet is considered oversize.
However, if you are lucky enough to live in or near a city where McMaster ships from (and there are many), you might arrange to pick up your order and thus avoid oversize shipping charges? I'm pretty sure you can do this but not absolutely positive.
the first is smooth profile , the other has the grooves in it,
Anyone know what the differences are in the below rail offerings by McMaster-Carr?
1) https://www.mcmaster.com/#60585k81/=3stzxg
2) https://www.mcmaster.com/#47065t122/=3su11g

#1 seems to be cheaper and offered in 10' length
#2 seems more expensive and not offered in 10' length

Are there other differences? Anyone know why i should favor one over the other?


All 80/20 rails are clear anodized.

Both 6' rails are identical.

8' and 10' rails are not UPS shipable so you may have to pay a higher shipping charge. If you need these lengths, check your local 80/20 distributor because you can go and pick it up, or get local shipping which would likely be cheaper.

Try Grainger’s if you can buy from them:


They have an option where they ship it to their local store, then you pick it up at that store, for no shipping cost at all.

In this case, they only have 97” (8’-1”) and 72” lengths, 10’ is not listed.

They also carry the Faztek brand, functionally equal, but do not carry Faztek over 8 feet either.

- George Gassaway
Look for a local fluid power shop. Many of those carry the 80-20 stuff. I get mine at a local shop in 12 foot lengths.
The difference appears to be how many sides have the T-slot in them.
Look at the diagrams one page shows all sides are slotted while the other has 2 at 90 & 180 degrees apart. I bought two 6 ft sections a long time ago, our club still uses it. They tend to get pitted from many flights of the APCP exhaust.