Did a little shopping today.

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Jul 25, 2009
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I was in Ohio, Monday- Thursday for work. Then headed to Detroit Thursday
night for a meeting early this morning and hit the road around 11 Am local.
To get home it is basically 94 to 80 to 57.

Sooooo of course I had to make use of Exit 23 in Michigan off I-94, stop in
and say high to Dave. I left with the picture below, and a few other misc

Dave is busy which is a good thing these days.

I got the Harpoon and (Sea) Sparrow missles as they were both deployed on
my ship when I was in the Navy. The Sea Sparrow were standard on
Spruance class destroyers that were not refitted with VLS systems. I have
yet to find anyone that offer a ASROC as a scale model might have to
scratch build one. We had canister mounted Harpoons added just prior to
Desert Storm.

The Little Joe will go nicely with the Semroc Saturn IB I have to build and
I always wanted a Mean Machine as a kid. He had one hangin' on the wall
and it was screaming my name.

(PS Red Arrow Hobbies for those not familiar with the local geography.)


I stopped by Dave's as well. Real nice gentlemen.

For those that haven't visited you're going to be a bit perplexed though on his focus; rockets or home brew supplies. ;)

Please don't even think of doing both at the same time though.
The home brewing is relatively new venture for Dave. IIRC, a year or two. Someone that lives closer than me should know better.