DFW Folks: Frisco launch Sat 4-3 in the afternoon

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Jan 18, 2009
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From Jack Sprague, DARS prez:

de Prez said:
Jack here, I am trying to treat several severe cases of TARCus Procrastinatus (TARC teams waiting to the LAST minute to get qualified flights on their contest rockets.)

To that end I am calling a quickie pop-up launch in Frisco tomorrow late afternoon (Saturday April 3), after the DARS business meeting. *I know it is very short notice, but short is better than none. *

I am inviting anybody else that wants to come and fly with us, we will have model and mid-power capability to set up. *But be prepared to give priority to the TARC teams. *Its not like they will sit on the pads or anything, but they are the reason for the launch. *Saturday is the last time winds will be below 12mph until mid next week. *It aught to be good flying. *See you there, and
Fly'em Safe. --Jack