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Mar 14, 2003
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I was looking through the list of DOM entries over at FlisKits and I came across this entry:

As a fan of the Dueces Wild, I immediatley printed out the parts list and added it to my "to do" list.

So, Jim Myers, if you are on this forum, thank you for the grat design. I might have to make a two or why not three staged Tres sometime.:)
HEY, SwingWing! You've got a fan! :)

I think it is SO great when someone takes and builds one of the DOM entries. THAT is really what the contest is all about!

keep us posted on your results!

Do a search on this forum for "Faux Tres" to see my 2-stage sorta kinda but not really Tres. Would love to see other multi-staged Tres inspired models.
Well , heck, * blush* thanks.
It has almost everything; it's clustered, it's staged and it's a deuce!:D Now, to add a parasite glider and a helicopter recovery N/C or something.
I have trouble taking much credit, as it is really Mr. Flis' design that I just played around with a bit.
If you build one, don't skimp on the vent holes, other than that - it flies great!!;)
Great idea.......... So the booster has the dual motors and sustainer has a single or dual motors????
Yep, The booster has dual, canted engines, gap staged thru a stuffer tube to a single in the sustainer.

The only way I know to have two motors in the sustainer (without electronics) is to CHAD stage.