Designing a Data Acquisition System


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Oct 29, 2016
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Hello! I am studying electronics engineering and since I always have an interest in rocketry, I deciced to correlate my interest with my graduation project.

I need to design a data acquisition system for a rocket which have the following specifications:

1-) Measuring a temperature value of a point located in the rocket that will reach 180 ⁰C in 120 ms.

2-) Measuring the pressure of the engine that provides necessary thrust for the rocket (Average temperature of the engine is anticipated to be 1800 ⁰K)

I need to transmit these values to a ground control station. First step is selecting the sensors, components that will operate in conditions mentioned above
and drawing the block diagram of the system. As I tried to search components on the internet, I couldn't find sensors that operates in these extreme conditions.

Can someone guide me about how to proceed and what to consider designing such a system?

Thanks in advance.


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Jul 4, 2013
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Pressure will be difficult until you go to a high power rocket where you can fit a pressure sensor in the forward enclosure (don't make modifications to commercial motors!)

The next hardest thing will be transmitting the data. You're probably better off just recording it to RAM or an SD card at first.