Design of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines - Follow up

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Feb 22, 2003
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John (Flying Silverado) had asked about this book in another thread, and I had originally found a Gent who lives in Brazil that was offering a CD collection of Nasa books - including this one at Ebay. So, besides using paypal from Brazil, I thought I'd post both solutions that i've found here for anyone interested in this book. I'm not sure if this should go in the vendors or propulsion section at this point..

I've found a website online that offers it as a free download. It's 35 meg in size, and is a PDF file in a zipped archive. The quality is very average - meaning that instead of having a single clean page as you scroll down as in most PDF documents, you do see parts of preceding pages to the right or left.

See the 3rd Blue Box down from the top of the page for the info.

For the price *tongue in cheek*, its still an unbeatable value considering that a recent copy went for over 100 bucks on Ebay and that various book sellers from Amazon to Powell's want 109 to 350 bucks.

So, I decided to contact Rocket Science Institute, Inc. - the guy who sells this as a 5 part collection online at both E-Bay and ROL.

He offered me the entire set in one binding for 45 bucks, plus 9 bucks for S&H to my addy - a fantastic deal.

My original email and his reply follow:


Have seen your auctions on Ebay and ROL. and I'm wondering if you'd offer a discount if someone were to buy all 5 volumes of:

Design of Liquid Propellant Rocket Engines
by Dieter K. Huzel and David H. Huang
Rocketdyne Division, North American Rockwell, Inc.

I'm not one to sit around and wait for auctions to close, especially in the case of 5 seperate auctions.

So, I'm wondering if its possible to buy all 5 directly from you for one price. If interested, what type of package deal could you offer, and what would the S&H be to my zip code *removed* ?

With kind regards,

R.S. Barker

Yes! Would you like the 5 volumes in separate volumes, or all together in one binding?

Here are our best prices:

5 Separate Volumes: $12.00 each x 5 = $60

1 Volume, complete book: $45.00 each

Add for Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation: $8.70 to your ZIP

Add for insurance (optional): $2.20

If you PayPal today, we will ship later today or early tomorrow (we ship 7 days each week!).

Thanks for your interest.

Rocket Science Institute, Inc.
P.O. Box 72952
Las Vegas, Nevada 89170 USA


Hope that helps,
This works out perfectly for me. I'll hit the download switch before bed tonight! I hear tell this is a lot of good reading from both a technical and historical point.

Thanks for taking the time to post this!:D

Glad I could help with this search. 8)

I'm into Chapter 3 and am very impressed with the degree of depth that they've provided. Overall, this is a must read for anyone who enjoys having their Medula Oblongata tickled. :D

Although I'm considering ordering the book as a single binding at the moment, because sitting at the monitor is becoming a chore when reading some of the data presented in this work.

That site hasn't been updated since February, so I'm not sure if its still actively being maintained, but the link still works.

As an afterthought, they also have over 2500 images and videos of the Energia-Buran.

I've searched though perhaps 5 pages and the images are fairly standard images. it looks like they simply d/l them from other sites online. I'm going to keep looking though, might find something to add to the library of Buran images.