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Dec 29, 2003
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That's b for "bebe"--a baby V2 with a 24mm motor mount! It's basically a Baby Bertha with an ogive nose cone substitution. Decals are from Tang Papa.

Also drying as I type: Der Doodlebug!

Now that's purty darned kewl, Metman! Good job!

Very Nice....Looks great.

Did you have to add any nose weight for the 24mm motors?

That thing should go outa sight!


I'm going to add two squares of Estes clay to the nose (Rocksim says this should do it) and then double check before I fly it.

Also to clarify, the decals are from Tango Papa (bad typing!) with the exception of the Iron Crosses which are left over from a 1/48 scale Gotha bomber I built when I was a kid.

I kinda suspected that it would need a little extra weight in the nose for stability. A "D" motor weighs quite a bit more than an 18mm. This is especially important on such a short rocket.

If you have a rocksim file, just make sure your CG is a least one body diameter ahead of the CP shown on the rocksim drawing. Rocsim is a nice tool to use when you're "kit bashing".

Let us know how it looks great.


So how did this one "evolve?" Did you stick a Stormcaster / Patriot nose cone in a baby bertha (still naked) and say, "hey, we might have a winner here?" Or was it totally premeditated?

Well done!
Originally posted by Fore Check
So how did this one "evolve?"

Thanks, Fore Check!

I have a bunch of Baby Berthas around that I use mainly for parts. One wintry day I pulled one out and decided that a BB with a D motor mount would really turn some heads at a launch.

As I was building, I tried out the ogive nose cone and it screamed V2. At first I thought a flashy Peenmunde style roll pattern, but after seeing all the Der Red Max clones and spin offs, I thought this would be really cool.

Now I just need the courage to go fly it!

Metman... I built an 18mm V-2 -like BB myself some over the winter. I decorated it like a captured V-2. I never thought of using the Red Max decals... that is just GREAT!!