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Smokin' Rockets

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Jul 9, 2004
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Can someone please tell me the BT diameter and length on Der Red Max and Der Big Red Max? Also nose cone length.

Most use the mean machine nose cone and one body tube (from the kit) cut to 9 and 1/8th inch.
Why would Smokin' Rockets be interested in dimensions for Der Red Max?

I can't wait to see this!
I've just found my L3 project, when the time comes (and that will be *quite* some time).
.... and I may have just found insperation for my Lvl #1! :evilgrin:
How much ?!?!?

How Much ?!?!?

<------My Icon is my 4" Stretch version.

I'm making a BT80 version as we speak
It's a PNC-60AH nosecone.
The Red Max body tube is actually 8.5 inches, not 9 1/8 inches.

In addition to the above mentioned Mean Machine, the same cone is also used in the Screamin' Mimi kits, which everybody buys on the Hobby Lobby 1/2 price sales to make clone kits...including me before I bought a wood lathe and a lot of balsa and body tubes from BMS. :D

You can clone a Citation Patriot and the Omega with this nosecone also. The Screamin' Mimi kit has the full 18" length tube needed for the Patriot and the stretched "Der Big Red Max".

BTW, I have an early Citation Red Max kit with the heavy black injection molded nosecone, a later one with blow molded cone, and a couple of clones. I have also built a 4" upscale, and have a BT-80 version ready to paint. :)
Originally posted by Rocket Flier VB
How much ?!?!?

How Much ?!?!?

<------My Icon is my 4" Stretch version.

I'm making a BT80 version as we speak

Kit is $300.

Thanks for everyones kelp.

Here is my 4" version:

Bill: Let us know when kits are ready to ship! I've just had to retire my 4" DRM due to an accumilation of flight damages, I might want to replace it with something a bit 'larger' :D
Here is a picture of my 6" Diameter 5 1/2' Tall - Scratch Built used for my L2. It has a fiberglass tube and cone - fins are 1/4 plywood. Decals were made on a laser printer.

It is also set up for dual deployment.
Hogan, that's a sweet 6" DRM! The nose cone looks scale (i.e. rounded at the top), where did you get it, or did you make it yourself?

It's close but not exact. It is a 5 to 1 Ogive that I cut the top off and rounded over.

It is a fiberglass cone that I got from Performance Rocketry. He is working on the 6" exact upscale. I haven't checked recently to see if he has it done.

I did have one turned out of pine by my father but the it is too heavy so I modified this fiberglass cone for now.