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Jan 9, 2004
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Hey everyone here,

I have run upon a lot of Nomex III cloth from a storage warehouse. I'm thinking of turning out some deployment bags with it. What sizes would people prefer if I sell the bags?

Also, bag design suggestions are welcome - the customer is always right!

I could use a bag for a 100 lb chute from RocketRage. Not sure about specks for the bag. The chute is about 15ft diameter with a ton of shroud lines. It will pack fairly tight and can fit in a 4" tube but I will be using it in a 10" rocket.
Just don't want it laying loose in the airframe to get lines all tangled.
SkyAngle has deployment bags for cert 3 chutes. That may give some ideas on construction.
How do you get that packed into a 4inch diameter tube???? I have a 8 foot (maybe 9 foot, I haven't measured it) military chute that had a bunch of lines (I took some off) and I have a hard time getting it to "easily" fit into the tube. How do you fold your chutes? I have a 24"x4" diameter airframe tube that holds 24' of 3/4" tubular nylon shock cord and the 8 foot chute and I can barely get it to fit. Any suggestions?