Deployment bags for 66" Military Chutes

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Jan 9, 2004
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Hey everyone

I bought a few of the 66" white military chutes as well as some of the 36" military flare chutes a while back.

I was wondering what experience you all had using the Deployment bags that came with both? Any suggestions?

Here is what I was thinking. For the small 36" chute (my drogue) I will attach the deployment bag line to the nose cone and when it comes off it should pull the chute out of the bag as long as I make the cord longer than the length of the parachute shroud line.

For the 66" parachute I will be ejecting it from the midsection of my rocket. I was going to sew som flat nylon strap in a loop to the top of the deployment bag that just hold the chute - the shrould lines don't need one - they will go below the chute.I was going to connect the loop via a cord to the bottom of my altimeter and again make it a bit longer than the length to the outside of the body tube (about 16"). Then I would connect the shroud lines to the motor retainter and make that corded connection about 3' longer than the shroud lines so it will pull it out of the bag.

Any suggestions or techniques you all have used before with these d-bags?

I wish I had seen your thread before I started my own on a 36" chute. Do your chutes have 9 shroud lines ?
The small 36" ones have 9 shroud lines including a center one, the 66" ones have 12 Shroud lines.