Deployment Bag for Multiple Parachutes.

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Aug 29, 2020
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Trying something this summer, but before I cut fabric, and sew it together: I wanted to ask the collective consciousness. If you were going to use 3 or 4, parachutes....18-24" so not too big. ( Yes I know it is asking for issues. But it makes it more fun for me to work at making it a clean deployment. Also, I like the visual of multiple chutes. But I digress... ) Here is the Question: Would you make 1 deployment bag with compartments to keep each chute separated? ( OR ) Would you make multiple D-Bags ( Long and skinny so they pack next to each other) one for each chute?

I was planning 1 with compartments. Because it will keep everything even during deployment, and I think it will take less space, and be less, weight with dividers. I will attach 1 pilot chute to the top to pull the bag out. ( JLCR to hold it closed until deplyment altitude, if needed. ) Each chute is on a riser to give some separation. Also, each main has a "slider ring" to slow opening, hopefully to allow all chutes to fill with air simaltaniously. Since they are all coming out of 1 bag, they should not foul each other, as they will all be at the same point of deployment at the same time...

The big issue I see is if 1 hangs up inside the bag, it could stop all from deploying. SO... The other option. If I made them separate bags. Each with an inteigrated pilot chute. Then hold the whole "bundle" with the JLCR, when it releases, if 1 hangs up, the rest still deploy. The issue here is timing, becuase they will pull out at slightly different speeds. The slower to deploy one could foul the already opening ones.

Thoughts...? ( Sounds like fun right? )
I have done two chutes from one deployment bag a few times, reliably. These chutes were the chute to bring down the heavy nosecone, and the main chute to bring down everything else. Note a separate pilot/drogue chute was used, attached at the apex of the dbag and from there tethered to a release mechanism. The dbag stayed with the nosecone on descent. Lots of details in this thread: