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Feb 5, 2009
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OH OH OH!! I have designed the coolest looking new low-power rocket!! Wee-hee-hee, Ahh it is so cool!

Do you want to see it?

show it to us, my precious... :D
of course we wan't to see it!!!!! how could you even ask??
Geesh, time to give a call to the TRF photo hit squad. They like to work on teases. Make us beg, and they'll make you beg. :eek:
You love doing that dont you? :D

Now onto the pics!

[subliminal] Show me the pics! Show me the pics! [/subliminal]

/me taps fingers impatiently on desk. ;)

DAMAGE: Here, excuse me, excuse me. But I'm not actually known for my patience.

RICK: Oh. Oh. Well, you're probably not Dr. Kildare then!

[Damage hits Rick with the butt of his shotgun and flattens him]
ok, everyone over to Shrox's house, now

i'll bring the tar...

sheesh! the nerve of some people! LOL :D:D:D:D
Originally posted by jflis
ok, everyone over to Shrox's house, now

i'll bring the tar...

sheesh! the nerve of some people! LOL :D:D:D:D
Jim doesn't know where I live,... or does he?


Only 8 available. Details later today.

Mine may be bigger but I concede yours looks more like the real thing. Looks great. Someone buy one and review it here and on EMRR, please.
are those spoons on two of them fins?? looks really cool.... but must have a big 'chute to keep it from nockin them 'spoons' off:D
Spoons and a ping pong ball. I can make anything fly...

Wow. I might have to get me one of those.

I take it they are plastic spoons?

The Demon Squid takes 18mm motors and is about 1' 8" tall. Strickly low-power on this one. Includes opitional sideways recovery to avoid "spoon damage". You don't want to pull a Uri Geller...

Simply amazing work, shrox! I love the organis look of the design. You always find a way to get everyone's attention by thinking outside the box. Plastic spoons?!? How cool is that!

Any chance you could design a saucer (or other high drag) design? I'd love to see what you come up with...
The Demon Squid is rear eject now, so the spoons don't take any direct impact force. It could almost flutter back.

That mystery bubbling afflicted the paint, has anyone done a study on it? Maybe the paint manufacturer might have some knowledge about it.