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Feb 5, 2009
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I am posting this to inform and apologize.

I have not been attentive to my duties as a vendor. My wife left me two weeks ago, she has a brain tumor and it has affected her thinking and emotions. We are not getting back together.

I have not been doing my job of filling orders, responding in a timely matter, etc., as I am just so down. I can refund your money if you don't want to wait.

Thanks for posting a message and no I don't want my money back. I will wait until you're ready to start shipping out the Squid kits again. I only ask that you don't forget.

I can fully understand what you might be going through as I loss my mother to cancer this past March and I was devistated. The week my mother passed away I had won a FEW bids on Ebay and didn't answer any of my emails requesting payment. Everyone of the "sellers" on Ebay understood and waited almost a month and a half till they heard from me or received their payment. So no explanation is necessary as we are only taking about "toy" rockets here. I don't live my life for model rockets. For me and like many others on this forum it's mearly a hobbiy, I enjoy building, collecting and flying model rockets but it doesn't consume me. Building rockets helps me to unwind, more importantly it relieves my stress.

Anyway, take your time to get your personal life back in order. Everything else (rocket business) thereafter will fall in line.

Once again thanks for the update...


Jim H.
I feel the same way as jim. I will wait until you're ready to start shipping out decals again.
It's nice to see someone step up to the plate and say they're having trouble and letting people know what's going on. If you've followed the threads on the Launch Pad, you know that I still haven't heard from him for a few months now, so Shrox is doing a good thing by just letting everyone know where the situation stands.