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Jan 9, 2004
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Hey All,

Our club, Northern Colorado Rocketry (NCR) is building a ~10% Delta II rocket. The details can be found on this page Delta II , click on the Delta II link. I decided to make most of the parachutes for the rocket :) Steve, our TRA prefect, already has two of the 8' main chutes and I need to make the third. But, the good news is that I got the nine, yes nine, booster chutes completed. Each is an 18" parachute, differently colored. We will have a cub scout pack there and we are assigning two cub scouts to each chute. Their job is to recover the boosters. We are also giving away Alpha starter sets to all the kids. But, I feel relieved to have a majority of the work done, as we will be flying the 9th of October on one L and 9 H's :) Should be an awesome sight!

Here is a picture of all those chutes :) I'm a proud papa!