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The truck looks like it has a "SCANIA" marking on its grill and that's a Swedish manufacturer. Where did you find the photo?
Ok, Now I see what he meant. Yes, the staff in our office is well versed in these, and the offerings from Despair.com.
Sadly, they are closer to our reality than the "motivational" posters.

Wonder what the rocket poster said?

I would assume one of those "motivational posters" you'de see in your boss' office.. A 'spoof' there of..

liek these (the wife loves them...)
Apparently not good for Firefox either...I clicked on that and it just about made my compy crash. :mad:

Thanks Ford, I never would have guessed it was a Harpoon, given the caption of the original motivator. For some reason, I always thought Harpoons were tiny little things, like Sparrows.


When I first read your post last night I thought of the Harpoon, but they usually have mid fins, perhaps this photo is prior to them deploying or just not needed for this application??

Yes, a Harpoon is fairly large.
That is a harpoon just launched from the famous cannister launch system that were used on us navy ships a while back. The nato countries have used them on mobile launch vehicles and harden land sites. Fins and Wings have not deployed yet, but the markings are of a harpoon.