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Dec 20, 2002
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OK, OK, I said the newsletter would come out once a fortnight but there is some big news that drives us towards the Deepsky newsletter "send" button.

We have another shipment of motors! They arrived ahead of schedule! Back in stock: Some D12-7 and C6-5s. Still no sign of D12-5s, C11-3s or C6-7s... there's more coming. Our stock of Estes B impulse motors is still low... but we are expecting the UK importer to come on line again soon. We have lots of the Quest As, Bs and Cs... six motors per pack that also include some wadding paper as well as the usual igniters and plugs.

BSD has put its head above the parapet once again! Hurrah! They have confirmed shipment by air of two rockets but no news on the other four we ordered in mid-February. Soon? We can only hope.

The Deepsky website is coming along and credit card integration is underway. It may take a while so you can still stay in practice using cheques, Paypal and Nochex. At events we will always take cash (pounds, dollars or Euros!) as well as cheques.

We're on the road to Black Knights in Tamworth this weekend and will be at Big EARS in May. Deepsky will be there for both days of the Big EARS Spring launch-a-thon.

We are trying to keep prices down and service levels up but the forces of evil are gaining ground. HM Customs and Excise is not only getting their hand into the Deepsky pocket but they are delaying orders. A small packet of parachutes posted on the 25th of March arrived in the UK 2 April. Delivery wasn't attempted until the 13th... and then we had to collect the packet at the post office. Great service, eh? We try our best to give great service to our customers but it is uphill sometimes.

We're struggling to get our popular HPR HELfire pads out the door. Detail changes and a few supplier slip ups have put back the first shipments from this week until next week. Sorry. We want them to be right before they leave. The model pads are sailing out the door. One customer uses a model pad with twin rods for business team-building seminars. "Very corporate" they say ;-)

Check out our new FREE HPR Cert Shirt on It will be the coolest shirt of the summer (and I hope summer arrives soon!) Of course, there are a few conditions...

Not into HPR (yet)? Newly revitalised and good exercise for any rocket scientist is the UKRA Model Achievement Programme (MAP). MAP gives modellers recognition for building and flying rockets safely while increasing the depth and breadth of their rocketry knowledge. The details of the programme can be found at

Anyone can participate at Level 1 of MAP. There's no minimum age (or maximum either) You need to be a member of a BMFA-affiliated club in order to earn your badges at higher levels.

If you can prep a rocket, get it on the rod, push the button and find it when it comes down, you have completed Level 1 and you are on your way. Level 2 that is more difficult and Level 3 takes some hard work indeed. There are a number of tasks at each level and you have choices to make so that you can follow your own rocket muse.

If you complete the entire programme and earn all your badges for each task at each level you will be flying parachutes, streamers, rocket gliders, helicopters, staged and clustered models... both kits and scratch built. It's a great programme to acquire and demonstrate proficiency in many areas of rocketry and a super way to gain the experience and competence to move on to fly HPR. Or if you are already HPR certified but budget is constrained, you can get a lot of quality model flying done while working towards your MAP certificate.

There's a snazzy certificate for your wall but the real payoff is that you learn to fly rockets properly. Everybody (including your club RSOs) will know that you can be trusted with a rocket in your hands ;-)

Deepsky has set out some new product categories for MAP participants with some suggestions of kits and components that will help move through the different tasks and levels to fulfill the programme. There are a lot more rockets that will qualify but the sample selected are the ones that we would chose to fly... your muse may direct you elsewhere in the burgeoning Deepsky catalogue.

Deepsky has put forward £100 in rocket gear for a special lottery for MAP participants. Everyone that completes Level 1, 2 or 3 gets entered in the draw. We intend to make the first draw at UKRA in June and do it again in September.

If you have any questions about MAP after you read the FAQ you can send email to [email protected] or just ask Captain Tetrahedron (me!) as he is the UKRA MAP coordinator!

And if you have any questions/comments/requests about Deepsky or any of the fine rocketry products we offer, we would be glad to talk to you at an event, on the telephone or via email.

Onwards and upwards!

Paul Lavin (aka Captain Tetrahedron)

Deepsky Rocket Shop