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Aug 20, 2003
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DeepSky Rocket Partnership debuts

31 January 2004. Harpenden. Rocketry and Space Modelling in Britain
takes a big step forward today as the four year old Deepsky Rocket Supplies
joins with Hesperis Technology Limited in a drive to become the biggest
and best source for sport rocketry in Europe.

"We have covered hobby rocketry from model starter sets to big high power
rocket kits since we started the business," explained Andy Little,
business development manager of the new combination. "Increasing time constraints
meant that it was time to make a move and build the business. Handing the
reigns of the business to Paul will give me more time for other commitments
whilst allowing me to remain involved with the business in a development
role, and as a point of contact for established customers and suppliers"
Little was the the founder and previously the proprietor of Deepsky.

"Hesperis Technology Limited will be bringing a whole raft of new products
to the UK and Europe," said Paul Lavin, managing director of the DeepSky
Rocket Partnership. "We will be branching out into competition space
modelling supplies, motors, high power components and a lot of fun new
stuff that has never been seen here before. Our design and manufacturing
capabilities will help enhance our business and make British rocketry more
affordable which will attract more enthusiasts."

World class customer service has always been a key value at DeepSky and
that is not going to change. While DeepSky's mail order service has been
second to none, that service will be extended with a road show visiting
rocketry events across the country this year. "We aren't going to sit
still and wait for customers to find us," explained Lavin. In addition to
personal buyers, DeepSky also provides products and know-how to schools,
youth groups, and corporate development organisations.

The DeepSky website is the primary customer gateway at The site is set to grow and change as the product
mix broadens and on-line purchasing is phased in over the coming weeks.

Rocketry is a small but rapidly growing pastime in Britain. As model
airplane flyers retire, the new generation is looking to the future of
aerospace for their excitement. However, large number of "mature"
rocketeers that caught the bug in their youth during the heyday of the
Apollo moon missions are now returning to the hobby with their
children. Against a background of increased space activity by the US,
Europe and now China, Lavin believes that the hobby will rise on that
tide. As US astronauts say "The first step into space is a model rocket."


Paul Lavin is a Born Again Rocketeer that got his first taste of rocketry
back in the 1970s in the US. He was pulled back into the hobby by his
teenage daughter, Genni, who went off to the Space Camp in California and
came back wanting to do more

Paul has achieved his Level 2 High Power Rocketry certification and is a Range Safety Officer with the UK Rocketry Association.
He is chairman of Blast Off for Britain and a SETPOINT
Science and Engineering Ambassador. Lavin has lived in Harpenden for ten
years with his wife and children who are members of the British Rocketry

Andy Little is a rocketry enthusiast and entrepreneur. Based in
Carnforth, Lancs. where he lives with his wife and young son,
he has many irons in the fire including lawn mower racing and
redecorating his recently vacated office;-)

Paul Lavin

Welcome to the fold and congratulations on your work with DeepSky. I've been speaking to Andy and he is very excited with how all this has been working out.

Stay in touch and don't be a stranger to The Rocketry Forum (TRF) :)

Sounds great!:D

I couldn't think of a better person to take over DeepSky. I look forward to seeing all these new ideas turning into reality...

Now I need some money...:rolleyes:

Hi all,

Well as you'll probably have gathered by now...Deepsky has finally moved
to new premises with the completion of the sale I announced towards the
end of last year.

The new man at the helm is Paul Lavin, who some of you may know already
as an experienced rocketeer and the Chairman of the Blast off for
Britain organistaion. Paul is a great guy, and I have every confidence
in him to continue to offer a great service to all our customers old and
new alike.

Basically, Paul will be running the show from his premises down in
Hertfordshire, but I'll still be involved with the business as
Development manager...which sounds very upmarket I'm sure you'll agree!
At the moment, Paul is getting everything sorted out at his end, and I'm
sorting out a pile of new suppliers to bring on stream over the next few
weeks and months, which will probably make DeepSky the biggest supplier
of rocketry products in the UK. Customer service will be just as
important as'll still get prompt replies to enquiries and
fast despatch of'll just be able to buy more stuff! We're
also having the whole website re-developed from the ground up with the
addition of a shopping cart, a whole new look done by someone who knows
a lot more about this stuff than I do ;-) and we'll be accepting credit
card payments too! You can also expect to see DeepSky at lots of launch
events...Paul is a lot better placed geographically for this than I am
up here on the Cumbrian border.

What else?

Loads of new stuff as I said...upscale retro kits from Q Modeling,
SpaceCad, new kits from Semroc, Recovery Technologies Chutes, new
motors, Competition rocketry materials, new electronics, as well as a
number of "own label" products including a modular launch pad that can
simply be added to as your rockets get need to go out and
buy a whole new pad when you move up a level.

I've now updated the website with the new contact details and so
on...and we're hoping to have the new site ready to go in the next month
or so.

On a personal level, I'd first of all like to thank all of you who sent
messages of support etc when I announced my decision to was
quite touching to feel that we'd actually achieved what we set out to
do, and made a difference to the market. It was also a very strange
feeling to be packing all the stock up for the move...the office here
has been full of rockets for as long as we've had the house, so it's
quite a novelty having a whole new room all of a sudden. I am very
pleased that I'll be staying involved with the business though...Paul
and I seem to work well together, and I'm hoping that the plans we have
in place will put us right at the front of the UK market...there's
certainly a lot in the works for you all to look forward to! I can still
be contacted at any time using the email address on the "contact" page
on the website, so feel free to drop me a line with any questions or
comments you may have.

That's about it I a big thanks once again to all of you...we
wouldn't have made it as far as this without you.

All the best to you all,

Deepsky Rocket Supplies
I would like to wish Andy and Paul the very best of luck in their new venture.This is really exciting news and i can't wait to start drooling over the new web site.It's going to be great to get to grips with all the new kits.I think rocketry in the U.K. will go from strength to strength and i believe this partnership will be at the cutting edge:D GREAT.
Best of luck to you guys, I can't wait to start ordering thorugh the new website....with my Solo card? (hint, hint!)
Andy, Paul,

Best of luck with the new partnership, and looking forward to seeing you at some of the launches "down south"!

Damage and all at Orbital Engineeering

ps - ("stage whisper") you forgot to mention the new VMX Spaceplane range you'll be stocking...;)