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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

I'm here on behalf of Paul tonight with the latest news from the good ship Deepsky...plenty going on at the moment!!

Here we go then:

Nope, your calendar didn't get stuck. It's not been a fortnight since the last news bulletin but a bunch of things have all piled in that make it worthwhile to exercise my rocket muse.

New rockets are arriving thick and fast for BigEARS in Cambridgeshire. Deepsky will be at BigEARS both Saturday and Sunday and is proud to be a sponsor of one of the big three events on the rocket calendar. More info can be obtained by clicking on the BigEARS banner on the Deepsky Rocket Shop web site...

We bought out the entire first manufacturing run of the Orbital Engineering VMX-12D "Vantage" and they will be available for delivery at BigEARS. This upscale version of the original VMX-2 "Vector" has benefited from a long development programme and has lots to offer besides Bigger Motors (Ds and Es). The VMX-12 is the perfect vehicle for an attempt on the Two Minute Cup sponsored by Orbital Engineering. All you have to do is fly for 120 seconds...

June is going to be Glider Month and Deepsky will provide free BP motors for any glider it has sold since the first of the year. The only catch is Deepsky has to be on site. Which won't be too hard since we are planning to go to UKRA and Black Knights (Milson) next month... and maybe even another site in the South East. So get yer glider and get building... free flying doesn't come along that often! We are even including Zoomies in the offer!

But this is almost MAY and May is Cluster Month! When you buy a cluster rocket and motors, we'll deduct 10 per cent from the total. The Semroc Hydra is an attractive option as are the Fliskits Deuces Wild, Tres and Richter Recker. We also have the mammoth LOC/Precision Viper IV and the Stovi on hand for a bit of cluster fun. Even the Physics of Flight can deliver that old "pillar of flame and smoke" cluster blast off with an Adder.

Motor supply lines are still a bit strained. The UK Estes importer hasn't had a shipment since January and they aren't expecting one until the end of May. Way to go, guys! Deepsky is bringing in motors as fast as we can, especially the Ds +. "As fast as we can" isn't very fast as they have to come from the US by boat... More are expected any day. Keep an eye on the stock levels on the site.

Still no firm word on the date for Cesaroni ProXX CE approval nor word from Congreve when their delightful 24 and 29mm reloads (and bigger!) will come on-line. The Hesperis Technology bimodal Afterburner Es and Fs are beginning final production testing. A few lucky experimenters will be getting their demo kits shortly.

Hesperis Technology will be providing two answers to the hybrid initiation issue: A GOX stinger for RATT and West Coast Hybrid motors and a DIY Experimenters kit for making your own igniter grains at events. According to our legal eagle, its all within the letter of the good old 1875 Explosives Act. The kits (and the t shirts) will be along in the next month.

The news on BSD kits is mixed. We have had a couple of 3 inch Thors and a couple of Horizons (one sold immediately) but no sign of the big Thors ordered back in February. Communication from BSD HQ has been sparse. We all hope that BSD will soon return to the upper echelons of rocket kit vendors but they are struggling at the moment. Luckily, we have an Apache, Diablo, Sprint and 54 Special in stock as well as some stonking LOC/Precision and Public Enemy HPR rockets.

Gaby and Genni Lavin have received their letters from the big cheese at the BMFA appointing them to the 2004 Space Modelling Team that will be competing in the World Championships in Poland come September. Trevor Seabrook is on the team, too. Lawrence Shulman is the reserve member and will go along with the team to get a head start on his competition preparations for next year.

The 2005 European Championships are being held in Romania (big deal) but the 2006 World Championships will be in Baikonur... and the Russians are promising to fly a 1:1 scale model of a Soyuz or Progress for the event. Wow! So ask one of the current team what you have to do to get sharp with competition rocketry or go to for more info. Deepsky is a Platinum Sponsor of Blast Off for Britain and the junior space modelling team.

Speaking of competition, Black Knights will be holding their annual egg lofting competition again in July at their two day BK Flamer event. Deepsky has a gold medal winning design if you want to get in on the fun. See Competition Kits on the Deepsky Rocket Shop site.

We have restocked the luscious mega retro Qmodeling MRS Snooper and Vega and took two of the new NikeX, that last one is even more mega than the other upscale retro rockets in the series. I ordered two and one was snarfled off the web site within a couple of hours so I just have the one NikeX left right now. More are coming.

See you all at Big EARS... petition the rocket gods for fair skies and calm winds!


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