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Aug 20, 2003
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Hi all,

Did you see the movie Four Weddings and a Funeral? It doesn't count if you saw the sanitised version on an airplane or TV... Remember Hugh Grant's first four words from the cinema version?

Those were >exactly< the first four words that occured to our sun-burned and fatigued General Manager when, the very day after UKRA 2004, the red Parcel Force van pulled up and unloaded some very heavy boxes of very large Estes motors... and then demanded a very heavy cheque for VAT and import duty.


In case you missed that... DEEPSKY >> RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW<< HAVE D MOTORS.

If you can't find your particular 20 Ns requirements in stock on our web site, please contact us! Fast... as supplies are limited! We can't put everything we have on the web site and, as always, Deepsky's faithful customers come first. More shortly, we hope!

We have also revised our B and C Estes motor prices DOWNWARDS now that supply is less constrained. It is too soon to say the drought is over but there is more chance for a steady rain of BP motors than in the recent past!

Fliskits Nomad and Richter Recker fliers, your time is nigh!

We now also have a couple of BLURZZ race cars (and A10-PT motors!) and the hot Estes RENEGADE two stage kits, too.

Other post-UKRA news is not so good:

In the UK we have a good safety code for both HPR and models and an enviable safety record... and these days that is what we have to maintain if rocketry is to have insurance at all. The insurance provided by BMFA is an asset well worth protecting. Flights that violate the safety code could invalidate that insurance to everyone's detriment.

Prior to the recent event UKRA, the BMFA club hosting the three day event, issued an advisory that said Range Safety Officers (RSOs) >>>AT UKRA EVENTS<<< should decline to allow the flight of rockets powered by Estes E motors. This was a tightly focused advisory...

UKRA was motivated by its desire to protect its event, the owners of the land and spectators from flights that may not have been entitled to BMFA insurance cover if the motors, as implied, have not been fully classified and authorised... as has been done for other Estes BP motors.

UKRA's continued vigilance for HPR flight rules and motor legalities (motors above G impulse) is expected and appreciated. However, their contact with Health and Safety Executive has produced other complications that may effect more than just UKRA event fliers. Especial concern is raised about the UK space modelling competition team's home practice as well as events such the international competition at the Canterbury Cup this August.

As a matter of priority, SpaceCom is exploring the issue of sub-HPR motor certification. Deepsky has committed to doing its part to sort out the bureaucratic log jam that puts E motors AND competition motors in question. Safety and legality are top concerns so that our hobby can grow vigorously.

In the meantime, it bears repeating that no matter what kind or size of motor used in any kind of rocket, the flier bears the entire risk of an unwelcomed outcome. BMFA insurance is third party cover only and may be invalid if you don't stick to the safety code.

If you have any questions about flying any motor, please contact Paul at Deepsky. Besides his Deepsky General Manager and RSO hat, he is also wears a Space Com competitions hat (and he is a lawyer but without a wig, though).

Back to recent high notes:

Afterburner got its first hands-on appraisal by some of Deepsky's friends. Their enthusiasm for the 18mm E impulse package was extreme. After a bit more testing, it will be for sale, promising exciting flights for under a fiver. No explosives license is required.

We also are now providing a Hybrid Initiator Experimenters Pack. No explosives license needed. If you prefer the Hypertek-style hybrid prep routine, you should check out Deepsky's HyperRATT GOX initiation hardware (to be listed soon)!

Deepsky are now the UK's active AED RDAS dealer. Their high quality rocket electronics include GPS modules and are the most sophisticated and reliable devices available!

For a bit of fun, we also now stock Rocket-CAM! Check it out on the Deepsky Rocket Shop site. Our first Rocket-CAM has already gone to the Cranfield Rocket Team... more are expected in a few days. All who saw it at UKRA 2004 had visions of their own rocket home movies without sweating the electronics integration themselves. It could fly in a 38mm diameter tube... and you can plug in two cameras for the best coverage of your launch, flight and landing.

Orders for the newly listed Perfect Flite altimeters are challenging Perfect Flite... a brief delay for the second tranche may occur.

Public Enemy HPR kits are 25 per cent off. Hurry - a few left only!

Both Orbital Engineering C-powered and D-powered VMX rocket gliders are in stock at great prices. You can fly your VMX with free motors until the end of June if Deepsky are on site! We are planning forays to EARS in Cambridgeshire and maybe Black Knights country this month. We might even make a surprise appearance in the South East...

We are closing out Das Modell kits... save 33 per cent on our remaining stock of these German kits. Vee haf vays of making them fly... now that we have D motors in stock!

Here's one for the summer: The huge Estes Dude Mylar inflatable D powered rocket is perfect for the beach... the darn thing will float! On sale at the Deepsky Rocket Shop for £14.99, you actually get the rocket free if you pay for the 5mm rod and Electron Beam controller that is included... or free ground equipment if you buy the rocket, if you prefer to look at it that way! Only six to go... and they fly on D motors, too!

Qmodeling's fantastic D-burning Mega Retro Scale kits are all reduced prices now. They are top models say Andrew, Darren, Colin, Leigh and Charles! We are still awaiting the new Stiletto to arrive this week... and coming in a while is Qmodeling weird and wacky upscale Andromeda. It will be in the Rocket Shop as soon as we get a firm ship date.

We've taken on the British model rockets of Space Craft and will have their 1/20th scale X-15A model in our hands in just a few days. They also do a fantastic 1/12 scale V-2 (46 inches high) and an amazing 1/14th Boeing Bomac which we will be bringing along shortly.

A shipment of Estes and Quest kits posted earlier in April has gone missing so supplies on our special US selection are a bit thinner than usual. We have lots of other new stuff that will be coming along shortly... if you don't see what you want, or if what you want is out of stock, please contact us!

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