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Aug 19, 2014
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I built one of Giant Leap Rocketry's kits last year (the Vertical Assault). During the construction, the fin area was left a bit messy. There aren't really any fillets and the over-wide fin slots were just filled in with a high-strength Loctite epoxy.

Anyways, the rocket made a (relatively) good flight without paint and with that messy fin epoxy arrangment. Now I'm thinking of giving it a nice coat of paint and I've been trying to find something to make the fin-fillets.

I'm looking for something plastic-y and easy (like, really easy) to sand. Rugged-ness isn't too much of a factor since it doesn't need to add any strength to the fins and I'm thinking I could apply a thin coat of epoxy after it has been shaped to hold it all together.

Does anyone know a product that can do this?

The problem might be getting something to stick. I would sand your current surface with rough sandpaper 80 grit. Then I'd use epoxy with microballoons to fill your fillets.
Lance is right, SuperFil is a good option since you already have epoxy in place and their won't be any significant joint flex.

Alright. I'll give it a try. It's too late for a build thread but I'll make sure to give you guys a painting thread. I want to make this rocket beautiful!