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Hard to tell. Printing decals with a color laser can be a bit hit and miss. I have not had much success with my Dell color laser, but it is likely the sheets I am using. Different materials might work.
The bottom line with any printer when it comes to printing decals is dpi (dots per inch). This basically is the resolution available so if you say have a printer with standard 300 dpi that's okay for most stuff. If you're capable of 600 dpi that's better especially if you're going to print small, detailed graphics on the decal film. The holy grail is 1200 to 2400 dpi but that is mostly found on commercial grade printers in the 3k to 8k dollar range. Also check the print manager's preference tab when you hook up the printer to a computer and see if there are options to print on transparency or gloss stock type paper and the print quality. Run a few test prints on transparency and/or gloss card stock paper to see how it prints. Also experiment with the quality (resolution) settings to see how things go. Most likely you'll end up using the highest quality of printing available to get the best results. If all else fails, take your computer files and paper down to any of the big box office supply stores and use their commercial grade printer for just a few bucks or make real good friends with someone who owns a high quality printer or works in the printing industry who'll cut you some slack on a small custom print job.
The bottom line with any printer when it comes to printing decals is dpi (dots per inch).
The bottom line is if the printer is compatible with the decal sheet. If the answer is yes, then DPI starts to matter.

Based on my experience, I like the idea of feeding it through somebody else's printer :)