Decals won't stick?

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Feb 6, 2004
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Clinton, SC
I've had a little of this problem before, but not this bad. Last night I was putting the decals on my 220 Swift and the decal for the bodytube keeps raising up after I press it on. I guess the "smallness" of the tube makes it worse for the "peel and stick" decals.

What will help this out? I know some you've figured it out, I saw the pics. ;)

I've heard of decal solution, does this soften the decal so that it will contour better? I thought about using a heatgun (hair dryer) also. Any other ideas?

Thanks in Advance!
Well, here is an old standby to the rescue again!

Future Floor Finish!!!!;)

Hasn't anyone ever notices how sticky it is!

Use the tiniest paint brush you have and dab a bit under the lifting corners of the decals, let it dry a bit then stick it down.

It holds great.:D

After it drys apply another layer on top of the decal...problem solved.

You can even use it as a decal setting solution.

Just apply a little but on the surface befor you apply the decals (it's water based so it mixes with the extra water).

Anyone know if "Micro Set" would work for this also? I mean as far as "peel and stick" goes.