DARS Rockwall County launch, 6/12/04

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Fore Check

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Sep 24, 2010
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I see that DARS (Dallas Area Rocketry Society) is having a club launch east of Dallas in the town of McLendon-Chisholm, in Rockwall County, on 6/12 (next week Saturday.)

My wife will be attending a convention all day in Arlington, and this looks like a great distraction for me while she's carousing with the girls.

Anyone else interested in going?
I'm not sure if that launch will happen or not. I heard that the field is overgrown with weeds. I'm planning to attend the DARS meeting tomorrow, I'll post whatever info I can get.

The Rockwall site is great for LMR, it's just not well kept sometimes.
I'd appreciate any updates you can offer, Don!

I just live too far away to attend DARS meetings - but I'd like to make it a point to go to a few of their launches this summer.
Someone is supposed to go by the field today and report in as to the condition. I'll let you know as soon as I hear anything.
The field is in good shape but a little wet. It does have a week to dry out though. I'm guessing the launch is still on unless the launch director cancels it.
I got word from Pelham that the Armadillo Aero field out in Rockwall
Cty has been mowed! THe LMR launch for this Saturday is still on. ALl
we need is a couple of days of sun and no rain to dry the field
enough to walk and drive on.

We will have 1/8" through 1/4" rods, an LMR pad out at H distance
with 1/4" rod *and rail*, and a model rocket rail.

Buzz McDermott
Well, I hope they got less rain in Rockwall county last night than we did last night here in Wise county....

I got over 4 inches here at the house....

And with the ground already being saturated, it all went to run-off...

The road I take to work was flooded this morning. My normal 8 min. drive was extended to over 1 hr. as I had to drive *way* around through the country to escape the flooding.

No kidding.
So the deluge continues. Another 4+ inches this morning, and the roads are flooded yet again.

My main production pit has water running into it faster than the dewatering pumps can keep up.

What a mess.....

Not looking good for the Saturday club launch.
We got another 2-3 inches last nite, here on the west side of FW, and it's still drizzling today.
Yesterday they reported over 6 inches fell on White Settlement, causing local flooding.
It's a good thing this coming weekend is not a 'first Monday' weekend, or else it would be pouring down?
With the current weather, it looks like we have 2 chances for this launch to come off, slim and none.

Not yet, I'm still waiting to hear an official call on this. My S.M.O.R. sources say that someone is out at the field right now looking things over.
The field has been checked. It's quite drivable. The Rockwall launch is on - 9am to 3pm tomorrow (Saturday).

LMR notice has been sent in. 3.3 pound rocket weight limit, etc.

See you there....

Buzz McDermott
Too bad I missed out - I was looking forward to it (my wife pulled the end-around snafu on this plan after all.)

I hope everyone had fun times and safe flying! Maybe next time.....