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Feb 18, 2009
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Since we are flying the Mega Darkstar in the 2-stage configuration for the first time we thought we would reward everybody for flying their Darkstars at LDRS.

We will be having a total commercial newton contest for each size Darkstar rocket. The newtons will be tallied up at close of range on Saturday and winners will be announced Sunday morning.

You can fly the rocket as many times as you want and keep racking up the newtons. All flights must be reported To Wildman’s prior to the flight and the rocket must be presented to Wildman’s immediately following the flight. The flights must also be successful and intact and able to fly again with no repairs.

So who every fly’s the most newtons in a Mini Darkstar will win the $50

And the same for the Jr Darkstar, ect,ect.

The following prizes will be awarded in each category

Mini Darkstar - $50.00 gift certificate

Junior Darkstar - $75.00 gift certificate

3-inch Darkstar - $100.00 gift certificate

4-inch Darkstar - $125.00 gift certificate

Ultimate Darkstar - $200.00 gift certificate