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Crazy Jim's Gone Banana's
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Jan 18, 2009
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Savannah Ga
…...................Welcome to the world of Wildman! …..................

All fiberglass kits constructed of high quality components giving you a long lasting, easy to finish rocket .

This kit also contains a Von Karmen nose cone. Previously unheard of in a kit of this price range.
The Von Karmen style cone is a very high performance design usually found in rockets many times the price of this. Just one more leading innovation brought to you by Wildman Rocketry!
The tubing provided in this kit is also a new Wildman innovation. A light weight version of the spiral wound tubes found in it's bigger brother Wildman series rockets. This new tubing translates into a lighter project yielding higher flights with smaller motors.
This added with Von Karmen NC and the stylish split fin design of the DarkStar and you have one of the finest kits available today. A surefire attention getter at any launch!