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Jan 17, 2009
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Savannah Ga
AS most know I hang on all the forums and have done many build threads on each.....this time it will be seen here.


Well I was at Tim's for Midwest Power 7 and was scrounging around the shop when if found this!

Wildman's newest kit the DARK STAR 6 fin pre-slotted tubes kit. I think it sells for around 110.00 with all the goodies including Kevlar shock cord and rail buttons

So ya'll know where this is going......" if you build it, they will come"

All fiberglass .

It's 59inches
2.1 diameter [54mm]
should come in around 4.4 to 5lbs

Can fly it single or with payload dual deploy.........AND IT COMES WITH A VON KARMON NC !

SO here we go, although I gotta warn you it's not done yet.

A stunt rocket was hired for some of the pictures, [courtesy of Wolfstar dlb....design and stunt rocket productions ] and no injuries were incurred during the shoot.......YET!

I was told this morning that the first 20 sold will come with a free CTI 3grain 38mm case

Jim Hendricksen
Tripoli L-3 9693
ICBM O'burg SC.

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Even though the build thread is still not complete, Don and I took the proto's out for a spin.
We did an impromptu drag race last week at the O'burg launch.

First with the single deploy version on G-67 red. Went about 7-800ft.
Should fly great on all the large G- motors in the 29/40-120 case G-64's etc.

The went ahead with the DD version on a H-123. Low and slow as to see all the events.
Went very well and flew to 1300ft.