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Jan 22, 2009
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Yesterday afternoon was "Daddy Day" at my daughter's school- over 300 of us showed up. We had a lot of fun, as the kids had been working on projects all morning getting ready. After school, we found this picture in my little girl's backpack- her grade K skills at drawing are getting quite good... note daddy's work bench, the yawning kit boxes (that she often helps me fill) all in a row, each with a body tube sticking upward. And daddy with a big smile.

Oh yeah- this job beats flying for the airlines.:D

that is the kind where you get a color copy made at kinko's, put the copy on the 'fridge, and put the original away to keep
Way cool... the young-uns are fun...

My just turned five year old is quite crafty... she sat down one day and made some 'rockets' from paper towel tubes and craft paper... she cut fins out of paper and taped them on the back (yep, four fins!) and rolled a nosecone out of paper and taped it to the front, decorated it, and even built a "space shuttle" out of rolled/taped paper "body" with cut out paper "wings" attached to it with scotch tape... It even looked like a shuttle (of sorts-- kinda like the old NASP proposals) and she taped it onto the top end of a "rocket" she'd made similar to the first one.

For Christmas Daddy gave her a FATBOY that we started yesterday and have glue drying on right now... :)

Later! OL JR :)
All I can say it that reminds me of when my son and I started flying rockets together. He was five. My step brother(who I flew rockets with when we were kids, and before he was my step brother)bought my son a starter kit for Christmas.

Brings back fond memories. Now he knows everything cause he's a freshman at college.

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