cycline 3 x-roc prototype

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Sep 7, 2004
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has anyone built and flown this rocket. it looks interesting id just like to know if its any good
Built and Flown? No.
But I bought one. :)

The kit is a basic 3FN type rocket. Plastic nose, 3 fins that are made by cutting 2 rectangles of balsa on the diagonal... very straightforward design.

The "hard part" (and what sets Cycline kits apart from the rest) is the motor mount. You roll your own cardstock motor tube around a 29mm mandrel (ie a used or not 29 mm SU motor) and glue it up. The centering rings are made from card stock too! They serve as a form for the polyurethane glue (the type that expands...). Read other threads or EMRR reports on Cycline 3 kits for more info on their motor mount design.

There is also instruction for using fiberglas re-inforced tape to strengthen the fins. Tape not included. I guess the right motor gets it to Mach 1 or close, hence the need for strength. Fins are surface mount.

Shock cord is estes type mount, and very long (24 feet!). It comes with their "Franken chute" and rail buttons.

I built and flew a Cycline 3 Silver Streak (24mm high performance bird) and it was fun to contruct and is a great flyer. I think you can build this one quick and dirty and put an Ellis G35 in it and wave goodbye or keep it around by devising a motor adaptor for 24mm.

I'll let you know when I get around to building and flying it (IE next summer the way things are looking!)

since ist not min diameter couldnt you make your own fins and mount em through the wall
Yes, you could add a little extension off the fin root and get it stuck to the motor mount...

Thing is, the idea behind the rocket is for it to weigh as little as possible. The cycline3 MM is very light and as strong (or stronger) as the "tradtional" method. You do have to add nose weight to the kit when built stock. I'm afraid that modifying the fincan (making it heavier in the process) will reduce the desired effect of the rocket. I don't plan to take it to the extremes anyway so I think I'm going to build as stock.

I'm almost tempted to put a 24mm mount in it instead....


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