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Feb 19, 2009
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A local hobby store had a super sale this weekend that was open to Dallas Area Rocket Society members only. I picked up one kit and a bunch of other stuff--mostly PML QT airframes, bulkheads, etc. Even got one CPR3K for $20. Piecing it together I am able to get two scratch builds out of the miscellaneous.

I have some thoughts sketched and "simmed" for both designs. On the first I want some relatively long, narrow fins and I have a sheet of G10. On the second, I want a curved profile fin and these will be made from some stock G10 fins I picked up in the sale.

So the question is, what is the best method for cutting G10?
BTW, a bitmap of the first design mentioned above...

Nose and tailcone based on Black Brant II. Body and pre-built electronics bay picked up for cheap as mentioned above. It is a five fin design. Fins from G-10 stock. Fin root edge 10.5", span 2.5".
I use the thinner grade of G10 fg...up to maybe 1/16" and I use a fiberglass cutoff wheel.....on my dremel and then use sanding blocks ..dremwl does has a diamond coated cutoff wheel that might work with thicker G10...
Thanks, I do have both types of cut off wheel. This is thin G-10 (0.062"). I guess to make the curved cuts I would just work my way around the curve with little "nibbles".
Jig and band saws work well with fine tooth metal cutting type blades, table saws work well with carbide blades. A dust mask is a good idea, it's not the best stuff to breath.