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Jan 17, 2009
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Started these 2 old kits over the winter and wrapped them up over the weekend.

I bought both close to 12 years ago when I lived in FL. I found the Satellite Probe in a hobby shop on US 1Probe 528 in Cocoa. It was probably at least 10 years OoP at that time, they didn't move a lot of rockets. I got the Starliner from Bernie (iirc) who was(is?) A long time vendor at SRA launches.

I went with aluminum for the main color on both, the copper on solar panels on the Satellite Probe Came out really well, and I think the red TWA paint scheme on the Starliner is much more fun than the original white.


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Nice finish and decals!

My Satellite Probe regularly breaks the solar panels off upon landing. Dunno what to do, except keep re gluing.

Flies great on D12-5!

Nice looking models! The RR Starliner was one of my favorite rockets built. It flew straight as an arrow and had a little "whistle" to it that made it even more fun to fly. The one thing I learned was to keep the motor choice limited to lower impulse engines.
Thanks @cls I broke one of the fins off in the build, they are skinny and fiddily.
Thanks @Bravo52 I'll have to listen for the whistle and avoid C6's!
Nice looking models! I always liked the Custom rocket designs, they had some interesting ones.