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Feb 10, 2009
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Avon Park, Florida
I picked up the Custom Rockets P.O.N.G. This rocket not only looks cool but it was a lot of fun to build. It was listed as a skill level three and that's probably accurate. It was a little tricky getting the dowels lined up just right and the centering rings were a little on the small side. It took a little patience to make them work.

The kit comes with a huge sheet of stick-on decals and except for the shroud wrap they were on a clear sheet. There were enough of the fin decals for both sides of every fin. I think they look pretty good and went on fairly easy. The shroud decal was a blessing because I butchered the shroud when I first put it on. The decal was on a white backer and it hid the creases.

I still need to paint the cockpit window and do a little touch up on the dowel connections. Because the forward tube the ping pong ball is attached to is so long relative to the whole kit I wish the transition connecter was a bit longer. The "nose cone" tends to wobble a bit.

I launched it today twice with an A3-4T and it shot off the pad and got great altitude. I hadn't taken the time to install the streamer yet so I just let it tumble recover. It did fine on grass but I would recommend the streamer.

One thing I liked about this kit is that the lugs are incorporated in the design. They are out there in the open and there is one each side of the rocket so you can take your choice when it comes time to launch. This is a great kit I recommend it.




Thanks for the info.

THis one is in my to do list.
I don't really see that it NEEDS to be in reviews... Folks do build threads here all the time with their hints and likes/dislikes. We'll keep it here unless there's a tremendous need. Thanks! And keep up the good info!