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Custom Loki 98/7000 Complete Motor

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Dec 18, 2014
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Custom Loki 98/7000 complete motor set, made back in 2006 and flown once or twice. Great little thick walled case, I loved to volume load the crap out of this thing. This was made for a pyramid rocket with an exacting motor length requirement, hence the odd dimension. Total propellant length is ~16" if memory serves. Nozzle is .720".

This sat in a trailer for 10 years - I spent some time wiping it down with WD40, a little more elbow grease and it'll look great, but completely functional as-is.

Scott sells the shorter 98/5000 complete motor set for $290, first $220 plus shipping takes this.

No money for this, but I want to see the pyramid :)