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Other than BMS, who else does custom fin work?

Well are you looking at balsa, basswood or plywood fins? Also how thick of material. Some with laser cutters are limited to how thick they can cut. Plywood can be done on a CNC Router center but does not do good on balsa or basswood.
Just heard on RP that Patrick Waite is back in business. He doesn't have a website yet, but his email IIRR is [email protected]. Patrick always provided me with high quality CNC parts (oh, but I believe he only does larger stuff--not Estes/Quest sizes).

QUOTE=Rocketcrab;70084]Other than BMS, who else does custom fin work?[/QUOTE]
Did also want to put a plug in for Barry at LOC-Precision. He does custom plywood or G10--and fast!
Thanks for the replys. For this particular project, I'm looking for 1/8" plywwod.
If all else fails,I have a saw and sander. just need dimensions or a template