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Custom carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb fin set


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Aug 11, 2011
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Set of three custom fins made from 3/8" thick carbon fiber/Nomex honeycomb composite board. This is the material that Giant Leap used to sell back in the day. Very light weight for their size and extremely strong, these are sized for a 7.5" diameter airframe with a 4" motor mount. Edged with 3/8 wooden dowels. The dimensions are as follows:

Root chord: 24.5"
Span: 10.125"
Tip chord: 7.5"
Sweep length: 14.5"
Tab depth: ~1.875"
Weight: ~10.5 oz per fin

Asking $125 for the set; this is considerably less than what I paid for the raw material. Delivery to Midwest Power or buyer pays shipping. Cash or PayPal Friends/Family.

P1050847.jpg P1050848.jpg P1050851.jpg
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