curious about a "BIG" rocket

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in terms of perfomance i mean? how high would you estimate it could go?

Can I recommend you consider purchasing a similar rocket from either or You'll end up with a known kit (which you can actually see a *picture* of before you buy), are far more likely to receive good service and will be buying from a vendor who actually supports rocketry in the UK instead of detracting from it. The page for that kit hasn't been updated in quite a while too, as it still recommends motors which have since become illegal in the UK (E9s), so I wouldn't be at all surprised if that price is out of date as well.

The kit sounds very much like a modified Fliskits Richter Recker, which will do about 600ft on D12s, up to ~1800ft on aerotech E15s. The Richter Recker is also even bigger. ;)

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