Cub Scout Pack 153, San Carlos, CA

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Jan 17, 2009
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This is a bit late in getting out, but back in November Kathy and I were treated to a trip to California to participate in a build and launch with Cub Scout pack 153 in San Carlos. We flew on Pacifica beach and had a simply wonderful time!

The added incentive was that the best flight that they could find for us had us arriving 3 days before the event and we would be staying less than 1 hour from our son Joe and his girlfriend Tina.

Very kewl!

The highlight of the rocket launch was a mass launch of 200 model rockets. It was a hoot!

Click here to check out the photo album from that event, including a short video of the mass launch of 200 rockets!

Thanks go out to Ben Glenn and all of the parents and kids of Cub Scout pack 153 for a most enjoyable week with family and friends!
Sounds like heaven! And so kewl to be able to get out there and be so close to family!

And WOW, the video of the mass launch is pretty kewl too!:cool: