Cub Scout Launch - May 21st, 2009

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Papa Elf
Jan 21, 2009
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Penns Creek, PA
Once again Jake Kirk and I was invited to fly rockets with the Cub Scout troop that Jake's boys used to scout with. I have done this for several years, and I always bring unique rockets to add flavor to the Estes, Quest, and Fliskits the kids are flying.

This year I flew a total of 5 of my own rockets for the scouts. I had some ignition issues, apparently my Magnelite pyrogen has finally outlasted its usefulness (its several years old). Every igniter I test fired outside of the motor fired, but when installed in a motor it would just pop its head without igniting. I resorted to using Copperhead igniters to light off all composite motors used. Good thing the motors ordered for this event were fresh :p

Fliskits Cheetah - 1/2A6-0/A8-5 - Great staging combo. staging occurred a few feet after clearing the rod. The sustainer landed just on the other side of the school gymnasium and was easily recovered. To bad this motor has long ago been discontinued :(

Quest UFO D13-4W - Perfect flight. Fast, loud, low altitude. Great demo :p

MR-1 - F24-4W - Great flight. The F24 has an awesome flame when the fuel is only a few months old :p

American Spirit - G71-4R - Starting to get dark so the scouts loved the bright red flame and loud roar!

EZI-65 - Custom made G54-6 Sparky - It was fun trying to use a copperhead igniter in this motor. After securing the igniter in the motor there was only a half of inch of lead to connect the alligator clips to! Once the button was pushed the copperhead lit, lighting the Blue Baboon igniter booster, and the G54 came up to pressure and shot the EZI off the pad with bright sparks, loud roar and crackling noise. Lost sight of the rocket after burnout, but regained tracking when ejection occurred. Perfect flight!

There was a new scout master and he said he plans to do this for several more years and definitely wants to invite use back next year :).

Video of EZI flight.
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