Cub scout launch in Acton, MA

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Jan 17, 2009
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Well, we had a ball! The temps were in the mid-40's (absolutely TROPICAL for New England in December) but the wind was a bit stiff. We also had a strong wind current just above tree-top level which many of the scouts found out about when they tried using C motors in their Triskelion kits :)

I warned them, but *they* wouldn't listen :)

They had a ball anyway, lost rockets and all :)

You can view the photo album at:

Stu Markowitz invited me to teach his scouts how to build the Triskelion. We did that a few weeks ago, teaching the basics and going over the more complicated parts of the assembly. The rest they were left to do on their own with help from family and friends.

Today we got together and scored a perfect 100% with all rockets launching and flying successfully. It was a great day :)