CTI motors in Aerotech kit?

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Aug 31, 2010
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Hi all- I have several Aerotech rocket kits built per the instructions (thrust block, motor hook). It looks like a CTI 29mm 1G case would fit (3.85"L compared to the AT 29/40-120 case length of 4.874"), but I haven't got one to try. Can anyone confirm if this is doable? Just looking to expand my options without having to invest in AT hardware beyond the 29/40-120 cases.
I flew my AeroTech Arreaux kit with a CTI 41F36SS-6 motor at NARAM-52.

No issues.
I've done it also, the only issues I've ever had was the Aerotech retaining hook failed to hold the casing and it ejected. Since it was at apogee I never found the casing.