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Jan 27, 2009
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I am flying a rocket on the Pro54 CTI K570, i cant seem to find a picture of the motor in flight, I found some other 54mm motor photos but i would appreciate the K570 photo if anyone has it?!?! Alsi if you do post one could u tell me the size of the rocket so I can get an idea of how big the flame and smoke trail is.
Here is the maiden flight of my post cover rocket named Oscar on a K570.

It is a 55" x 6.25" rocket weighing in at about 19 lbs. w/o motor. The K570 pushes it nicely to about 3500'.
Those 5 grain Pro54 motors are sweet. While I didn't get a lift-off photo I recently put a K650 SS load in a Pterodactyl Jr. That was a smokin flight to 8100' and Mach 1.03 (777 mph). The kit was modified with a 54mm MMT, no piston and a 6" altimeter bay for DD. I'm going to try it again and this time use my new camera for a lift-off shot attempt.

That's a lot of motor in a 5 lb rocket, BTW, and quick off the pad.