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Jan 7, 2004
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There is a CTI motor that's been certified in the past year. It's a 5 grain Pro38 I600. I can't find any information on it. I would really like a rocsim engine file for it. If anyone has information on it I'd love to hear it.

I've not downloaded the new CTI files but from what I've heard it's not in there either.

I believe the CTI Bowling Ball motor is an I540. The I600R is an Aerotech motor.
Dan is correct. It's an I540. This motor ROCKS! I saw a guy in my club launch a PML Tethys with one & a PML Quasar with another just last month. As far as we could tell, both rockets were still gaining altitude when the motors ejected after the full 17 second delay :eek: Impressive, I tell ya! FWIW, flame/smoke is just like classic propellant Pro38s (like J285) but it just burns a LOT faster! Sure would be nice if they made this in the other size reloads... (hint hint)
Off topic:

Awsome motor:D :D a guy at our club flew one in a 21 pound rocket (yes, I did say 21 pounds!), actually he did it twice! about 300ft. or so of altitude. Last month another guy put one in a 5.5 inch Rocketman Rocket. Unftunalty, due to a manufacturer error, there was no ejection charge. Lawn Dart! The only thing that survived was the motor case I lent him:eek:
I know a guy in Canada got an I record with this motor in a boosted dart. I can't wait to fly one!!!
Sorry to change the topic, but Conner, was that your Fat Boy with a 3x D12 cluster at O-Burg? That thing hauled. To bad it went hoizontal...
Yep, it is. As a matter of fact, i am putting bolts and screws in the nose cone right now. Which one were you, I know i saw a buncha people I thought might be you and your group.
I was all by my lonesome on Saturday. I was in a black F150 and had a green tent. All I launched on Saturday was my mustang on an F20 that almost nailed some guy. Did you leave after yesterday?
Hehehe, it was either me or my dad that you bout nailed! Is it where they fired off 2 rockets by accident? If it was, that was my dads rocket. If that was your Mustang, it hit our tent. LOL
Yep, that was mine. Im not quiet sure what happened. I guess they forgot to flip down your dads pad switch. It scared me because I thought that it was about to nail a car. That was the shortest I ever had to walk for it. That is mostly because a friend from the local club got it for me.
Just an update on this thread.

The CTI I600 is indeed the I540 and the .eng file is on CTI's website.


That I 540 is a hammer. I flew one recently in a Pterodactyl Jr and was impressed.

My wife says I can't see stuff right in front of me and sometimes that's true. This may be one of those times but I don't see the motor file for the I540 on CTI's web site. Can you point me a little closer to the file? I haven't found the specs on this motor anywhere - not on the CAR, NAR nor TRA sites - nothin'.

That doesn't work. It saves as the wrong file format.

Here's the numbers:

I540WT 38 367 7-9-11-13-16 0.32880 0.59820 CTI
0.03 597.86
0.04 611.31
0.06 605.64
0.12 612.36
0.24 624.54
0.36 626.00
0.48 623.63
0.60 616.42
0.72 598.14
0.84 583.16
0.95 568.92
0.96 558.53
0.98 533.45
1.02 436.53
1.06 303.15
1.09 184.92
1.13 74.27
1.18 0.00
Well that explains it. I downloaded thos files from CTI and didn't see the I540. Opening and looking at raw numbers I did see it. However, if it is the wrong file format I wouldn't see it in RockSim and now I know why.

Thanks for posting the numbers GL-P - I'll try it that way.
Curious...I added up all those numbers, then divided it by the number of samples, and I got an average thrust of about 486. Maybe I missed something...

Did u you include the last motor sample when you found the avg?
When I did it I got 486 including the 0ns sample. 515 the other way. Don't you need when you find the average thrust to have the data at even time differences? (The sample rate changes)
Not to try to oversimplify things, but.....
Just plug the WRasp file into WRasp and let it calculate the TI for you.

634.6 is what it outputs.

Sims on my 8 lb PML Eclipse:
5 grain regular J285 - 2,352 ft with 53.3 ft/sec off the rail - 9.9 sec delay
5 grain smokey I350 - 2,114 with 56.4 ft/sec off the rail - 9.6 sec delay
5 grain I540 - 2,340 with 73 ft/sec off the rail - 10.5 sec delay
I want to stick this thing in a boosted dart with a 24mm dart!!!

I have a booster, now I just need a dart :D :D :D
Originally posted by GL-P
I want to stick this thing in a boosted dart with a 24mm dart!!!

I have a booster, now I just need a dart :D :D :D
18mm dart would be better:D How luck do ya feel? :kill:
Here is a single WRASP file that I believe includes most of what everyone is looking for.
Both the I600 & I540 are in there.