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Sold CTI & AT 98 Hardware, Mac Performance Super Blk Fly Kit.


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Jul 5, 2016
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Utica, NY
Making some room for a large project I am working on.

Everything will be properly packaged and shipped via FedEx Ground. Free shipping on everything listed.

PayPal friends and family only please.

** SOLD ** & Shipped #1) Brand New CTI Pro98 Hardware Casing Set GEN 2 - 4 Grain Case set.

Retail $665.00 plus shipping. Sale Price $450. Free Ground Shipping

#2) New CTI Pro 98 Hardware Casing Set Gen 2 3 Grain case Set.

Retail $612.00. Sale Price $425.00 with Free Ground Shipping.

** Sold & Shipped #3) Mac Performance 6-inch Super Black Fly. New, no work has been done to this kit.

Retail $685.00 plus shipping. Sale Price $285.00 with Free Ground Shipping!

(Custom) See notes.

· 48" Wildman filament wound fiberglass airframe (includes switch-band) (** Note this kit comes with a 46.5 Inch Airframe, not the 48 that is currently listed on the MFG site **)

· 24” Wildman filament wound fiberglass Payload Bay. (** Note not sure if this is the standard size, this is what I have in my kit. I may have asked for a longer payload bay for more room**)

· 75mm x 24" canvas phenolic motor tube

· 5:1 Wildman FWFG-VK nosecone with 12” fiberglass coupler -- 35" exposed (includes 3/8” tubular Kevlar bridle for HED)

· Head End Deploy includes: canvas phenolic bulk-plates, 3-D printed altimeter board with dual battery boxes and all necessary hardware (U-bolts, threaded rods, etc.)

· (5) 3/16" canvas phenolic beveled fins

· ¼” canvas phenolic forward center ring with dual U-bolts

· 3/16” canvas phenolic mid and rear centering rings

· Optional aluminum thrust plate, included.

· Molded fiberglass tail-cone
  • Black Fly T-Shirt - XL

** Sold & Shipped ** #4) Mac Performance 4” Villian with 54 Motor Tube and Wildman filament wound fiberglass Von Karman nosecone.

** Note this kit is missing the AV Bay and AV Bay components. This will be noted and reflected in the sale price.**

Retail $259.95 plus shipping. Sale price $85.00 with free ground shipping!

Contents of Kit:

· 27" x 4" pre-slotted canvas phenolic booster tube

· 20" x 4" canvas phenolic payload tube

· 54 x 16" kraft phenolic motor tube

· 5:1 Pinnacle nosecone -- 19 1/2" exposed

· (3) 3/16" canvas phenolic beveled fins

· 3/8" fore C ring with integrated shock cord attachment system that includes 3/8" tubular Kevlar booster harness

· 1/4" mid C ring

· 3/8" aft C ring with a step machined in the OD to double as a thrust plate

· 3/8" altimeter bay bulkheads with machined step to engage coupler

· 4" x 1" switch band

· ** Missing** 8" long machined XX phenolic coupler/altimeter bay

· ** Missing ** Altimeter bay includes: (2) aluminum 1/4" all thread rods,
3 1/2" x 5 1/2" long 3-D printed sled

· ** Missing ** Includes all necessary hardware

· ** Missing ** Stainless steel forged eye nuts

· ** Missing ** Assembly instructions included (does not include motor retainer)

** Sold ** #5) New AeroTech 7680 case only. Please note this case is new however it fell about a foot off the ground on to my carpet. Just enough to create a non-visible dent in the outside of the case. You can only tell by seeing the ware spot on the top inside portion of the threads. You can screw the closure in by hand but you can feel it catch as you screw it in. Someone with some metal working skills can likely fix this fairly easily. This case is new and never been used. Some scuff marks on the outside. S/N# 055 MFG Date 12/27/07. (Seal disk not included)

Retail $405.00 Sale Price. $175.00

** Sold, Pending payment** #6) AT 98/5120 case only. New, never used. Some scuffs on the outside no dents or dings.
Sale Price $200.00

IMG_20191123_150315.jpg IMG_20191123_150418.jpg IMG_20191123_155215.jpg IMG_20191123_154821.jpg IMG_20191123_154926.jpg IMG_20191123_155026.jpg
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Jul 12, 2018
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I am interested in the PRO98 4 grain motor. I think I sent you a PM (I'm new to the forum).


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Jul 5, 2016
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Utica, NY
Price drop on the two Mac Performance kits. First one who sends payment gets it. These are really nice kits, especially the Super Black Fly. I am heading to Fed EX at 5PM to ship out a case. Would prefer to make one trip. If you send the payment by 4PM EST I will ship it out today.

Don't blink this is one heck of a deal!