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CTI 6G 54mm case - brand new

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Feb 10, 2017
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Price reduced to $85, lower than Wildman club member price.
Never opened CTI P54-6G case, $95. Pickup in Florida or $10 shipped CONUS.

CTI 6G case.jpg
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I shoulda never opened TRF this morning. Would somebody please buy this and make me fly my 54/2800 case, please??
Thanks for pointing that out, although that price is just for members. Thought I was offering a good deal, will have to reconsider.
My apologies. I just assumed anyone in the market for a case that size, would be a club member.

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I'll reduce my price to $85. Shipping if needed is $10.
This case is still available, $85 brand new and unopened, lower than Wildman club member price.
$85 plus $10 shipping. PM me with your mailing address.