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CTI 29mm Case and Closure

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Jul 9, 2015
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Lost my Madcow Mini Frenzy last year in ME, along with my CTI 29mm 3 grain case. Curious if anyone has a 29mm CTI case (3 grain or smaller) that they're looking to part with for a reasonable price before I place and order from AMW.

Location: 01460 / CMASS
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Thanks for the offer, but a 3 grain is the largest I'm looking for right now. Anything bigger gets tough to fit in my modified Big Daddy. :wink:

I'm still looking...
I have a 3 grain with closure. You need a rear closure?

maybe 1 spacer to boot. All new, never used. Won't be home till Monday night to Tues. to check on what's there for sure. Will do good deal as I never will use it...part of a starter set.
Yea, I'd need a rear closure and a spare spacer would be great. I have one sitting around, and that would make a 'full set'. Assuming that you find it, PM me with details.
Turns out Jim sold his back a year ago, and had misremembered. The search is still on. If you happen to have a spare 1-3G 29mm CTI case you're willing to part with (and rear closure), I'm still interested.
Sorry for the dumb question but are they out of stock with the vendors now? I ask because I am curious about the CTI 29mm motors availability going forward.
It's not a dumb question. I honestly hadn't even really looked around prior to asking about one. I was just know I have some 29mm rockets, and a local vendor that sells CTI, and I had lost a case last year. I was looking for a 'deal' and thought that if anyone had a spare case laying around that wasn't getting any flight time, perhaps they'd rather sell it for a bit of cash rather than having it collect dust. As it happens, I got a PM today about a case and it looks like one should be on it's way to me sometime next week.

I hadn't realized that there was an apparent shortage of CTI 29mm reloads in stock. I don't think I have any real long-term concerns about CTI motor availability but I understand there have been some short-term shortages in specific formulas/sizes. I guess the 29mm size is one of those? I also haven't been to a launch yet this year, but I do hope AMW brings along some to Berwick next week.
Widman does not always have stock in hand when you order even though his webstore may indicate otherwise. Not sure about Heavenly. Pretty sure nobody wants to order from a shop in Australia and have it shipped to the states. Point is we all know how to search online. Knowing who has real time inventory as opposed to who will take your order and then turn around and order from CTI then ship to you are two separate things. When I used to fly CTI motors, I had a local vendor (Wildman CT) that always had a healthy stock.

Edit, a search of AMW who does post their real time inventory shows less than I remember in the past with their 29mm loads. Weird, maybe the 29mm stuff is less a priority that other sizes?
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Heavenly Hobbies are good folks. If the item is not in stock, bu you are trying to purchase, you immediately get an error message that tells you. If it is in stock, no message and you stuff is shipped quickly. 2 orders through them and nothing bad yet.