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Nov 25, 2004
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I realized this better belonged in this group...sorry...

I think I'm going to go with the suggestion of the 24/24 since it does D's thru F's. I don't think it does G's for level 1 though.

Anyway. It look likes a good beginners choice. Really right now I want something to go low and slow until I get more comfortable.

Will this casing fit right into an "Estes" D engine block or will I need to modifiy the rocket to fit the casing? If so how hard is it? What dealer has great prices on these engines?
Thank you! Pics to follow!
If your built rockets have motor hooks, you will need to get a long narrow file, and file the forward retaining hook down to clear the reloadable's ejection well. Another method of filing it down, which I use, is to use a Dremel, with the flex shaft attached, and use a 1/4 inch sanding drum to sand it down. On unbuilt rockets, I just file about half of it off before assembly.
you can of course just cut the engine hook off and use masking tape retention

I don't think it does G's for level 1 though.

you can use G impulse motors without a level one cert