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Aug 1, 2004
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Not trying to be hard toget along with, however paypal has been getting on my nerves as of late with my credit card. I have wanted to use my credit card to place orders with some of ya guys however there is a conflict with my two credit cards being linked to paypal accounts and "tied up" as backup is transactions.

Anyway, because of this and i can not use a paypal cart sometimes. what vendors take credit cards without paypal cart?

I know semroc does anyone else?
Not yet, but I hope soon...

In the mean time, we do mail order. YOu can send a check. You will be surprised at the speed of the turnaround from FlisKits :)
The same goes for Rockethead Rockets. We have a mail in order form where we will take checks.
Mega Dittos here. Money orders, cert checks and personel checks are all welcome.

It's sometimes hard for smaller vendors like myself, to shell out big moeny for online credit card systems only to have them back charge you 5% on top of it. Not whining mind you, I'm sure we would all do it if it were easier to access.;)
Here at we don't take credit cards via a shopping cart, but are happy to take your credit card on a phone order.

By the way, we've got FREE SHIPPING. :D

John (not Jon) Arthur
Ditto for Uncle Mike as Well, Like FlyingSilerado said its not too economical for the little guy to take credit directly. We will offer it in the future but at this time the 5% -7% hit is too much to pay for the small profit margins on most kits.
I can take your card. I can call you or you can call me, either way is fine. You can even print out an order form, fill out the info and mail it to me. See contact page for customer support #.


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Waving a fresh Credit card in this thread is like wearing a steak shirt into the Lion Cage...


:p :p
Originally posted by KarlD
Waving a fresh Credit card in this thread is like wearing a steak shirt into the Lion Cage...


:p :p

LOL! You guys kill me. In case this hasn't been clarified yet, PayPal was having some issues earlier. See this article on MSNBC -

I just used PayPal this evening and it appears to be working correctly. I just wish it would have screwed up and paid *me* instead!
Originally posted by eugenefl
PayPal was having some issues earlier.
You've been sniffing CA and paint while repairing the Tour De Deuce birds,
haven't you?

Notice the original post was made in September.... ;)