Creative technique for cam mounting

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Nov 16, 2015
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I know that there are about as many ways to mount a cam on a rocket as you can imagine, but I had a thought about something that could be ... interesting.

I have a pretty long shoulder on the upper section of my rocket (Not the "nose cone" per se, it's a mid-break rocket, but you get the idea).
I cut about 1/2" of extra body tube and mount the camera to that, using a healthy gob of Rocketpoxy (and possibly a tee nut)
I drill 3 holes through the body-tube ring and the nose-cone shoulder.
I screw the ring to the shoulder.

This lets me really firmly mount the camera to the rocket, remove the camera for charging/downloading/whatever, and remove the camera easily. And looks a lot cooler than electrical tape
Sort of a rough mockup with OpenRocket...

Would this work?